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n e w s

I am an artist who works with contemporary art where moving image is my major way of expression. I was born in Sweden where I first went to a couple of art schools before I took my MFA degree year 2000 at Norwich University College of the Arts in the UK.

My work often deals with issues surrounding the western way of life where I like to make comments on, and relate my work to, a dark dystopian and/or melancholic places or landscapes, both in an inner-world and outer-world.

My work has been shown at video screenings and video art festivals through-out Europe, north America and Asia, and I am represented at Northern Video Art Network, NOVA which is a web-based platform for artists working with video, media art and experimental cinema. I am also a member of the artist association Smålands Konstnärsförbund.

I am the co-founder and curator together with Eva Olsson of Art Temple 1:85 (former Art:screen) which is an art space for contemporary arts with a focus on emerging and experimental arts on research and development practices.

© Jonas Nilsson

11 October 2014 - 18 January 2015
"NU", Smålands Konstnärsförbund
Vandalorum, Värnamo, Sweden